Orindawoods Returns to HAS
As the year 2023 comes to a close, there is great news to report here at Orindawoods!  After a lengthy and diligent search for a management company with experienced managers and an accounting team that understands our community, your Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Orindawoods is returning to Homeowner Association Services, Inc., commonly known as HAS.
Many of you will recall that HAS served as our management company for 16 years until our community manager, Barbara Dawson, retired.  A small, local company, HAS honorably resigned our account as they had no one in house to replace Barbara.  Since then, as you all know, we have dealt with two larger companies who were unable to get to know Orindawoods and how it works.  The shortcomings were troublesome and required huge amounts of time to uncover and correct, including repeated billing errors, paying taxes late, not updating required corporate registrations, misclassifying reserve expenditures as operations expenses, not keeping accurate minutes of our meetings and not recording Board resolutions that authorize our actions.  We were about to move away from our current manager to a local company when that company sold out to a national firm.  We declined to go with the national firm when it tried to assign an inexperienced junior manager to Orindawoods
As luck would have it, a very experienced and talented community manager, Erin LaFlamme, joined HAS.  Erin will become manager of Orindawoods effective January 1, 2024.  Our search committee was very impressed with Erin, who is outgoing and confident in her abilities.  We look forward to working with her to maintain Orindawoods as a great place to live.
It is fortunate that Erin has joined HAS, which provides the back-room skills and knowledge necessary to keep things humming along.  HAS has retained the accounting and billing protocols from prior years.  After a short period to update the data, HAS will be able to provide us with the same great service we enjoyed for many years.  We will be working with Erin and HAS to facilitate the transition and make it as seamless as possible for our members.
HAS has included information with this letter that informs members where to pay monthly dues.  Please make sure to update your payment instructions to the new 2024 monthly dues amount and to send payment to the new address.
Your Board of Directors is committed to guiding Orindawoods forward in a careful and thoughtful manner.  We are working on several exciting projects in 2024.  Thanks for your support!
Dick Rogan, President